So embarassing!!

on 06.01.2016 | Leave a comment?

OMG, OMG, I’m so embarassed right now. O.O (=

I noticed right now that none of the icon and site-related pages were accessible…because I had incredibly forgotten to edit the dropdown menus links!! Man, it’s so embarassing…and it’s been like that for more than a month!! I wish someone had let me know, I would have corrected this sooner. ^^;;
In any case the error has been corrected and all the sites pages are accessible—except the webstore one, of course, since that’s still under heavy construction—so you can view my and download my icons, bases and textures.

I’m deeply sorry again for this huuuge mistake—due to a stupid distraction; see you on next update…with a new look and, above all, new things.
Take care, guys, and have an awesome week and week-end. £3

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