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It’s summer…break

on 07.04.2018 | Leave a comment?

Hi there minna, sorry for the looong absence. è_é
I’ve been crazy busy, my Windows laptop (my favorite machine) started acting crazy after Microsoft’s April 2018 Update…and I went on a vacation as well; but I’m back now….though not with a proper update, but only with a new look to celebrate summer season as well as an importance announcement.

Anyway, first things first. Version 11.0 is a div layout—inspired from several IconSort themes I saw on Sellfy—called Childhood memories, and the title has a double meaning: it refers to both the images used and my own childhood as Lady Georgie, the series featured in the design, was one of my childhood favorites; I still love the series today, and I’m happy I finally got to make a worthy premade using images from it. I hope you like the look, but either way feedback is nourishment so give me. ^_^

As for the announcement, I’m very sorry to let you know that Enigmaticons is going ON HIATUS for probably the whole summer. I am NOT shutting down the site—no way in he*l—but I haven’t felt any pull nor have had any will to make new icons, bases or textures for the site; I’ll still check the comments and the cbox, and I’ll leave the site open so that visitors can still “interact” with it. I’m hopeful my creative juices will be back from their own vacation sooner than I dread, but for any case see you next August or September.

Have to go now, for I wanna watch the Divergent Series with Theo James (my niece got me interested in it, I still have no idea how); see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful summer. £3

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