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..or Enigmaticons for short, where Lucien showcases all her ani-manga icons, bases and textures. Saw something good? Read the Terms first, then use to your heart's content. ^.^

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FanUpdate OK

on 03.10.2018 | Leave a comment?

Hi there.
As you can see, FanUpdate is back; a fresh reinstallation was enough the visibility problem.

After this, I believe the issue laid with the MySQL database—I made a brand new one for the reinstallation and it’s working as smoothly as before….which means the icon textures are back; I already redid all the textures entry and they show up normally. :)
Let’s hope this problem won’t show up for another couple of years. xD

As soon as I have time, I’ll reupload the smilies I was using; in the meantime, bear with FanUpdate’s default ones.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful Sunday. ♥

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