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..or Enigmaticons for short, where Lucien showcases all her ani-manga icons, bases and textures. Saw something good? Read the Terms first, then use to your heart's content. ^.^

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Hi there minna. :)
The title sums up perfectly what I’m currently feeling: I am updating for real, yet can’t believe I’m actually doing it; this update has been long announced, delayed and overall overdue…but the waiting is over, and I got a new layout and new additions.

First things first, though: I’ve joined Otaku Junk’s Secret Santa; it’s a cool event where you get to do gifts for each other—you have to make 1-4 things for whoever turns up to be your Secret Santa and who has you as Secret Santa will make things for you. I love the idea, so of course I joined and sent my wish list; you should do it too, it’s fun. £3

Now the new look…yet another premade, again made by Miria @ OJ, but this time it’s a public one—yet still mine; the design is simply called Kuroko’s Basket from the featured anime, and I was the one to suggest the series to Miria (so as I said it’s kind of mine too). It’s an advanced div layout who also use bootstrap javascript and css; I loved the built, the colors and just the whole premade so, despite already having two versions made by me ready, I decided to use this first. n.n

Now onto the additions: after such a long wait, I’m proud to present my latest batch of icon textures—there’s more precisely 30 new ones—featuring both frames and patterns play; I’ve also made 8 new icons 100×100, divided into two series—with two brand new category folders.

  • 5x Sword Art Online.
  • 3x Mawaru Penguindrum.

I especially love the last three, as they are quite funny and colorful. ^.^

I have to go now, for I wanna watch Ritchie’s The man from U.N.C.L.E. movie DVD; see you all on next update.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all my affiliates and visitors. £3

on 12.20.2015 | 6 comments.


On 12.21.2015 Emina said:

Hi Lucien!

OMG! I love Kuroko no Basket! Especially Akashi! The layout is simply amazing! *0*


On 12.26.2015 brandi said:

i love the new additions and even more the whole simplicity and color scheme of the layout. i love simplistic style. the white, black and orange along with the high quality manga image and colors really compliment each other. i am loving every bit o fit and this is a good series as well. how are you? i hope your christmas and holidays are going well? get anything special for christmas? any plans for the new year? ;D

On 12.26.2015 Brandi said:

thats funny lol i got chocolate too along with some jewelry, clothes and more clothes. it was okay :D and i also made some delicious lasagna with my sister and mom :P we’re still munching on it today. so any plans for your sites latetly?

what type of books did you get manga books? omg i love candles! what scents? i like bath and body candles, candles are just so relaxing to me.

On 12.27.2015 Brandi said:

omg >_< your killer whale comment lol XD I'm sure you are beautiful :P and you’re also funny lol speaking of killer whales random but i wa just watching a documentary on the whales and death incidents and sea world it was so dark and sad….anywaysno clothes for you huh? honestly i wish people would just give me money (not to sound shallow) s i can just buy what i want or pay my bills lol i feel like instead of people guessing for you, or you tell them what you want if they ask and they still don’t get you what you want… anyways your lunch sounds so yummy! that all sounds so good :P I’m glad you got books on what you like…lately I’ve been wishing i had my own manga collection XD again…i think that’ll be cool if you leaned towards Hakanaii :D then we will be Hakanaii sisters lol akairou was a bit short lived, still simple tho :p

as far as my site plans I’ve just been working on Hakanai paper and my portfolio…i really wish too change hakanai paper’s name but don’t wanna start over (mostly because people take too long to change sites names and update your link) *roll eyes*

and I’ve been wanting to have other sites…like maybe fan listings (I’m not sure how the coding goes for it), or a manga collection site (only if i had one), or maybe like a fanzine (but those are dead) i just wanna try and have something new and different to work on instead of just back and forth in between hakanai-paper and my portfolio. like i wish i had a collective site with tons of others…but i suck XD lol

so yeah I’ve just been brain storming new site idea and got nothing so far *sigh* T___T

On 12.28.2015 Brandi said:

no problem on the compliment and of course your beautiful its not just the outside that counts but the inside as well like 50/50. and you my dear are an amazing person :) so nice!

anyways i never knew that Akairo was originally supposed to be a site with responsive menus images slides and designs. but i get where you were going with that.

i agree with your advice go with your gut and do what’s best, i think Hakanaii will be great (plus it excites me because we will be like Hakanaii sister’s lo) I’m such a geek i know :D

we have so much in common and think alike lol so you were thinking of a manga site too? i think that would be so cool, but first i would have to rebuild my manga collection which would take time and money XD

i say if you have more than Aqua Cure’s owner you should definitely do a manga collection site. i would love to read about your collection and your thoughts on it.

I’ve been wanting to expand my site ideas than just my portfolio amor hakanai paper, but i just can’t think of anything lately. I’ve been thinking fan listing but not sure how setting up the script goes, but i think it would be fun to own a few fan listings…have you ever owned any fan listings?

and i like watching documentaries the ones with Nazi’s can be interesting but sad too, how propaganda worked and all that with Hitler etc. its crazy…and sam but really interesting.

i was watching nature shows because my mom has been into them lately (but i like watching nature and animal planet and stuff like that as well) but yeah the documentary on sea world was really sad…and interesting. now the seal world trainers have a barrier between them and the whales so no one else will get attacked or die, and its crazy because two different sea world trainers who were senior (top trainers) wound up being the ones getting killed not the rookies (and it just so happen they were just training the whales at the wrong time not that they did anything wrong) but if you think about it if they are senior sea world trainers (well were r.i.p.) they had to spend time with the whales more nt only to keep thier a game up but train others…so i guess in a sad way it was inevitable.

watch any new anime lately or tv shows?

i currently put dexter on pause and am currently trying to finish marmalade boy and boys over flowers….ive been watching those since last year but currently re watching and trying to finish red garden, and started watching xxxholic…i have too many things going on. I’m always hoping to one show to the next thats my problem lol :P

On 12.28.2015 Brandi said:

oh yeah, i meant to comment on Akairo again and me changing my site name….

i have noticed you haven’t updated Akairo as much like you did Lovedrug and iAdore, i can tell you really liked those sites (or names) better. i think it shows when a owner is like blah about thier site or site name…

i may not show it but i kinda feel that way about HP…but the hassle of starting over…

but on another note you are right about the changing the links :P i never thought to set a dead line…

i just feel like my site name is too long and one word would be great instead of the hyphen, cliche english and japanese word together..inda makes me wish i would have just stuck with loveboxx and called it a freaking day XD but even if i wanted to do a new site name (which i kinda sorta do) I’m always so indecisive lol i wouldn’t even know where to start with a nice site name lol….any ideas?

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