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Bad designer block

Hi there minna, sorry for going MIA for so long—even letting 2016 begin without even a peep—but my RL has gotten so hectic this last months that I barely have time to use the laptop, let alone update. ^^;;

But I’m finally here…with just a new look: so, let me introduce Enigmaticons’ 4th enigma Hiyori Nishiyama featuring the omonymous leading femal from super-cute Hiyokoi series; it’s a manga about the love story between an extremely short and extremely shy girl and a super-outspoken super-tall boy. My summary sucks, but the manga is actually awesome: funny, tender…and let’s not forget cute. ♥ Hiyori is the cutest, she really rmake you think of the animal his name sounds like, a chick (hiyoko in japanese); I definitely recommend the manga. ^.^

The new layout is all that I have this time; I felt so guilty at having neglected the site for so long that I decided to upload the new layout even if I had nothing ready to go with it…and the reason is the post title: I’ve been on likely my worst icon designer block ever. Just to give you an example, the only icons I’ve made are those for my Otaku Junk’s Secret Santa…and I only made them because I had to; otherwise I just feel no inspiration whatsoever for new icons. I hope this block goes away quickly, but I’ve frankly no idea of when that’s gonna happen.

Sorry for the bad news, but I also have good ones—at least for me—compensating for the bad ones: Miria’s Secret Santa “deadline” comes in two days time (on February 12), after a two-weeks extension; I already made my S.S.’s gifts last Sunday, and I can’t really wait to get and seemine…well, I’d love the see all the gifts since I’m nosy like that, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. (=

I have to go now, because I’ve yet to update and (re)open Hakanai Designs; see you on next update, guys.
Everbody take care, and have a great week and week-end. £3

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