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..or Enigmaticons for short, where Lucien showcases all her ani-manga icons, bases and textures. Saw something good? Read the Terms first, then use to your heart's content. ^.^

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New unforeseen look

Hi there, it’s been a long while. (=
My life has become so busy that saying I’m behind schedule with my sites’ maintenance is not even an euphemism anymore but way more than that; but the situation is looking good, and I might have more time in the future…so stay tuned for updates. ;)

In the meantime, here’s Enigmaticons version 5.0: it’s a full-width, (I believe) responsive premade I took down from Miria’s Otaku Junk—it was actually OJ’s previous look…and the moment she uploaded it yesterday, I knew this had to be Enigmaticons’ new look; plus, we’re in April and this design is aptly called April Love so, there. As mentioned, the layout is full-width with a top menu with dropdown sub-menus…and I just love it; I’ve loved it since Miria first uploaded it as her own site’s design. ^.^

Aside from that, I’ve no graphics additions, only some site-related news: my sibling Pixphoria Designs is currently down, as Kristin’s host Haneuri shut down; she plans to buy a tld domain and come back, so I’m keeping her button link up for now—taking it down only if she’s not back in a couple of months.

Have to go now, as I wanna read some manga scanlations I’ve taken down; see you all on next entry.
Take care, guys, and have a wonderful week-end. £3

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