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..or Enigmaticons for short, where Lucien showcases all her ani-manga icons, bases and textures. Saw something good? Read the Terms first, then use to your heart's content. ^.^

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New theme & mini-batch

Hello there everybody. :)
I hadn’t planned to update, but I could no longer stand the previous layout—it looked ugly and also came out weird on my tablet’s screen—so I decided to change it, but I waited to do that until I had some new things to add as well.

The new look is a basic divs design called Walking Dream, featuring my favorite Nickelodeon’s “Avatar: The Last Airbender” character Prince Zuko—the series is not an actual anime, but it was very heavily inspired by japanese animes so it can be considered an honorary one; I made this premade in a couple of days ago in a rush, because I felt the other two lays I had previously made no longer looked good enough to be used on the site (so I turned them into premades, and they’ll be added to Hakanai’s next update). Let me know what you think of the design, if you like A:TLA and Zuko or which is your favorite character from the series. ;)

Now. The post title mentions additions….and there are some; it’s a very tiny batch of avatars, but I couldn’t wait until I had more. I had to get rid of the premade; so here’s the micro-list of additions.

  • 12x Yuri on Ice! icons (thank you to Crystal @ Yuugure for the bases).
  • 4x One Piece icons (matching one of the mentioned discarded looks).

Hope you’ll like them—my favorite are the 4 One Piece ones. n.n

Have to go now, for I absolutely need to watch the 2 Jack Reacher movies featuring my long-time love Tom Cruise; see you on next entry.
Take care guys, and have and have a very wonderful week. £3

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