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..or Enigmaticons for short, where Lucien showcases all her ani-manga icons, bases and textures. Saw something good? Read the Terms first, then use to your heart's content. ^.^

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An update…yayyy!!!

Ohayo minna-san, daijoubu desu ka? :)
The title sums up what I’m currently feeling: after months of hecticness which led to unnumbered delays—and a not small amount of laziness, let me be honest :p- Enigmaticons is finally getting updated; so without further ado, let’s start in my usual order.

First the new look: it’s based on a premade template made from Rizu @ 42 Clovers (the site is long gone but its designs are among my favorites); this version is a divs layout called Hellgate 07, featuring some of the main characters from the animanga series Dogs: Bullets & Carnage. It’s one of my quickest premades, as it took me less than 2 hours to make and code it; I hope you’ll like it. n.n

Now let’s move onto the juicy part, also known as additions.
I have made a pretty decent batch this time, to compensate last time when I only had a meager number; this update brings 36 new icons 100×100 along with 25 brand new icon textures—it’s been a while since I updated the category, so I “corrected the mistake”. Anyway; here’s a detailed list of the icon folders containing new avatars, to help you navigate better among the new batch.

  • 10x Unsorted Series.
  • 5x Kuroshitsuji and Katekyo Reborn.
  • 3x My little monster, D.Gray-man and Avatar.
  • 2x Psycho Pass and Unknown series.
  • 1x Inuyasha, Kuroko’s basket and Uta no prince-sama.

I know Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender is not an actual anime, but I always considered it to be closer to anime than american cartoons so I added the series here instead of Ast3rism; I hope you enjoy it and the rest of the batch.

Have to go now, as I need to go make tea—it’s the only thing that soothes my period pains, which are currently annihilating my belly; see you on next entry.
Take care guys, and have the most wonderful Sunday. £3

on 07.22.2017 | 1 comment.

1 Comment

On 07.24.2017 Brandi said:

hey i am loving the new loo! glad to see you are back. i am loving the new additions can’t wait to use them to make some new graphics -sis! thanks for stopping by! :D i look forward to more update lol and thanks on the marmalade boy pngs. i was a bit iffy about making old anime pngs but it turned out pretty. also i recommend you check out erased. its a short series but OMFG its so good. it will have you in your feels. i think you’ll like it.

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