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Xmas gift (update)

on 12.19.2017 | 2 comments.

AFFIE PLUG :: JessJessJess

Hi there everybody, how’s going? Sorry for being gone so long, I hope everything’s well. (=
My life has been more than hectic, but I’ve finally found the time to update Enigmaticons…but first, a few words about the new look, as usual.

The new look—a div designs called Iconic and featuring three Boruto icons done from my newest affie Jess @ Aetheria—is actually pretty old: I first made the layout 3 or 4 years ago for one of Enigmaticons’ ancestors, but I always ended up discarding it because something was “off”; a few months ago I recoded it with my current standards (changing fonts, position, icons, colors, etc.) but the premade didn’t yet fully convince me. A few days ago I saw Jess’ icons and recoded it again to what you see now….and the design finally screamed YESSS, so I decided to finally use it. Hope you like it, let me know if you don’t—any kind of feedback is welcome. :)

Now let’s talk additions: I’ve been on an icon designing block for months now so, even if I only made a tiny bunch of new things (all made today), I’ve reckoned it’s best to upload and update now before the block stumps me again; so, here’s the list of what has been added.

  • 10 new icons 100×100, with 3 featuring Yuri on Ice! and 7 for Ao no Exorcist.
  • 10 new icon bases, all featuring Yuri on Ice!.

I hope I’ll be able to upload some new icon textures soon, but in the meantime enjoy the new batch.

Have to go now, because my dad screwed up my internet connection so I need to update quickly before I go offline; see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and my best wishes of a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. £3


On 12.22.2017 Brandi (i-sis) said:

i love the new look and colors. its so subtle. i decided to take the time during the break to clean up my icon bases.

love the new icons as well. makes me miss my own but im cheap wont wanna pay 80 to get them all back lol so icon bases it is for me. itll make it easier for me though if i have less content since i am always designing professionally anyways. any plans for the holidays? :D

i can relate to the icon block. that’s why i like doing pngs and bases lol not much creativity there.

On 01.16.2018 Deborah said:

The new look looks great! I always love your designs! ^^

Just wondering, are you icons and bases sorted from newest to oldest, or the other way around? They all look lovely though!

Take care!

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